Andrea Buckle, Visual Artist

I'm a transplanted Labradorian, who has found home in New Brunswick.


I've always been fascinated with art, with creation of any kind, and was greatly encouraged by my parents.


I've also always been a bit of a 'beach bum', exploring beaches for hours on end, searching for ' treasures'.

As a young child, I explored the beaches around my father's home in southern Labrador finding whale bones, large shells and pieces of wood.

Driftwood lured me to unknown parts, as it still does.


Although I've always created, in 2000, while somewhat incapacitated with a broken foot, I tried carving a piece of driftwood.

I was hooked!

I started carving smaller pieces, but over the years, my sculptures have grown in size, some 10 feet and higher.

Some are carved, some are 'assembled'.

Some pieces are three dimensional and others hang as paintings.

Many pieces can be displayed interior and exterior.

Most of my art is made with driftwood found on the beaches of northern New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.


I think that a piece of driftwood is often as individual and memorable as some people I meet.

Sometimes, a piece of wood on the beach already looks like a face, part of a body, a fish....

I keep certain pieces for years, waiting for the right sculpture to use them.


In 2008, I compiled and published my first book of sculpture as a document of my art from 2000-2008.

I've exhibited at Heron Bay Gallery and Centre Cultural Kent Sud with other artists and also solo exhibit at Centre Cultural Kent Sud.

I've also participated in FAVA, in an exterior exhibit.

2012-2016 I was solo artist at ' Le Chavrie', in Saint Thomas, NB.

Presently, I have several of my pieces in a private gallery and also in my studio.

Please contact me via this site for an appointment or information.


I feel a deep connection with nature and also with the land in which I grew up, Labrador.

I think both are reflected in my work.


Thank you for your interest